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JENNI EMILIA Freelance Artist and Fashion Designer.


I have diverse education and extensive professional experience in sales, marketing and
design, among others.



I am good at brainstorming and combining new interesting things in a creative way to form
something new and innovative. I gather a positive atmosphere around me and persevere,
even in challenging projects. I am curious, outgoing and quick and spontaneous in my reactions.


I have worked as a designer in the Rukka sport design team. My areas of responsibility included designing patterns, prints, SINISALO gloves and Rukka underwear, preparing work instructions and sizing tables, product development, upervision of initial production and communication with the production plants. In addition, my job description included information management and preparing electronic sales catalogues.


As a freelancer, I have worked with several projects, such as being responsible for all KAPPA ranges in the Finnish market. I compiled the women's, men's, children's, casual, business and sports range entities. I also carried out store design, prepared marketing materials and was involved in catalogue design. As a designer, I have a very holistic approach to the realisation of projects, communications and even financing. Being an entrepreneur means a lot to me, as it is more than a job; it is a way of thinking, acting and attitude to life and work.


I have also been involved in design tasks concerning PR products and workwear. In it, one must be able to work efficiently while gaining an insight into the core of the message of the customer company brand and combining various factors that support marketing communications, as well as taking into account the seller's image and the customer's needs.  I understand the diversity, requirements and hectic nature of the
fashion industry and therefore aim at an efficient operating model. As a designer, I master various things comprehensively due to a solid understanding the different phases of the process.
As a result of footwear expertise, I also have a diverse knowledge of materials and a good design sense.


Now I’m working as a freelancer designer. My areas of responsibility have been include designing, image reform, graphic design and designing and producing visual materials for marketing and sales. I am  looking for new assignments as I want to be able to combine art and my professional skill as a fashion designer in the future, designing commercial products for daily use for companies as well as consumers.


For more information, please contact me!

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